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Weekly Healing

Counseling and Consulting Services

As the world stopped, we had to shift from a busy lifestyle to a new normal of intentional living. The pandemic showed us we could no longer avoid the unhealthy patterns and trauma that we’ve experienced in our lives. You may have been scrolling on social media and noticed various posts on mental health. You probably thought “Hmm, I never thought about this. Is this what anxiety feels like?”, “I am feeling triggered", or “Wow. My current self-care techniques are no longer working”. Many people realized it was time to start processing their past to move forward in becoming their best selves. It can feel overwhelming to process past experiences and learn new habits in a society that promotes comparison. Everyone’s healing journey is their own. Wherever you are in your journey, Weekly Healing provides a supportive, non-judgmental space for adolescents and young adults to identify unhealthy patterns. 



Weekly Healing’s mission is to support clients in their healing journey. We honor this mission through collaboration, accountability, empowerment, and compassion so clients can live an authentic life. Through a therapeutic relationship, we aim to help you feel confident in advocating and caring for yourself as you process past trauma and heal inner wounds. Our joint purpose will be to help you live fully and purposefully.




Give yourself the same grace and kindness you give others when processing your emotions!


Learn to advocate for yourself as you gain new perspectives and coping abilities!


Heal from past experiences to become your most authentic self. You deserve to take up space!

During this time, Weekly Healing, LLC is only providing confidential HIPAA compliant Teletherapy sessions as I care for your safety and well-being. These services allow you to connect with me from the comfort of your couch:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Counseling 

  • Community Event or Program Development/Consultation 

  • Workshops/Seminars

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